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spill it, people.

I've seen this around my flist a few times and thought it'd be interesting to see what happens.

Tell me your honest opinion of me.

So yeah, I really want YOU ALL to do this. Good or bad, just say it. Keep it anonymous and please remember to be honest.
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March 18 2006, 20:04:55 UTC 12 years ago

You are a beautiful human being. It upsets me when people treat you unfairly because you do not deserve it. I think you need to motivate yourself more as far as your goals are concerned and really develop your mental skills since you have much potential. You don't seem to be utilizing it to its full capacity and I think great things will happen when you do. You're amazing.
i definitely agree with you on needing to moviate myself with my goals. i'm easy at saying them but never really accomplishing them. thank you so much. i appreciate this so much! and i am not amazing but thankyouthankyouthankyou!! ♥


March 18 2006, 23:24:28 UTC 12 years ago

i think you are a beautiful person inside and out. you deserve so much better than what people treat you. your strong and smart and you will achieve so much in life. i love you so much, and if anything the one thing i wish you wouldn't do is smoke weed. but i love you anyways.
thank you. that is TOO kind. and i probably love you back!! i really do need to lay off the weed smoking. definitely. i have to try and stop doing it all together. and i want to do it soon.


March 18 2006, 23:51:32 UTC 12 years ago

i think you are a beautiful person inside and out. you deserve so much better than what people treat you. your strong and smart and you will achieve so much in life. i love you so much, and if anything the one thing i wish you wouldn't do is smoke weed. but i love you anyways.


March 19 2006, 01:02:35 UTC 12 years ago

You are a wonderful, amazing, and beautiful person!! I don't like it when you smoke pot though.
awww, thank you love!! my habit is certainly getting old, that's for sure. i need to stop asap. i do know that.


March 19 2006, 02:01:23 UTC 12 years ago

You are so beautiful, and you have no clue. Seriously, I think you're absolutely wonderful and you won't ever really know what you mean to me. I think you have so much potential for so many good things. I feel that you get taken advantage by those who are close to you, and you don't really know when to put your foot down. Stand up for what you deserve!

And though I think you are all these things (beautiful, smart, talented, caring, and just so spectacular) I feel like you sometimes let your precious time go to waste by smoking so much pot :(.

I love you none the less though, and I wish so many good things for you, forever. I don't think any less of you because you smoke so much pot, I just think you could be doing better things with your time (and money).

aww. thank you so much!! i can't stop smiling. that is so sweet. you probably mean so much to me too, love. ♥ i definitely do get taken advantage of. especially by those close. i feel too afraid to stand up for myself. how sad is that? i wish i knew how to stand up for myself. i know i'd be so much happier.

i don't consider my time precious. i really don't know what else i'd be doing. i think that's why i need to get another job or something so i'm not like, "hey i'm bored.. let's smoke" ya know? it's a terrible terrible habit i have now.

aww. i love you so much, i'm sure. this whole anonymousity thing is KILLING me. ugh. i definitely can be doing better things, i hear ya. i REALLY need to stop. i've realized this alot lately.

thank you so so so much. ♥


March 19 2006, 03:15:09 UTC 12 years ago

Sometimes you seem so reckless it's quite alarming. There's real guess work involved in deciding what type of person you are. Sometimes you can seem so lovely, and other times, it can really be rather ... questionable. Sometimes I worry that you don't understand things, and I really wish I could lecture you about a few topics. Somtimes, what makes you happy really isn't what should, which wouldn't matter if it wasn't so constant.

I just think that someday soon something is gonna happen, and you're gonna wake up. If that makes sense.

I love being your friend and I belive you have a lot of great qualities, but it's upsetting sometimes because I feel like you're risking something. Or that you don't really realise what you could lose, until is is.
i don't think i'm as reckless as i could be. i know people who are much more careless. i'm confused as to why you would question the type of person i am? and lecture away, please. i probably really need to hear what you have to say. and i know, i really need to stop with the weed smoking. it does make me feel wonderful but i really need to stop doing it as much, not to mention quit all together.

it makes perfect sense.

i'm sorry my actions upset you so!! i'll definitely take all of what you have said into consideration though. i promise.

by the way, i really want to know who you are! haha.


12 years ago


March 20 2006, 21:57:49 UTC 12 years ago

I think you're a great, ambitious person. I liked how excited you were to begin college classes and how hard you try to do well in them. You've had your share of hard times, but you keep on going. You usually have a positive attitude and seem to be full of life. I think that's very admirable. :)

Sometimes I don't agree with the way you handle certain situations, but you still handle them. For instance, breaking up with Allie was something you needed to do (and go you for getting up the courage to do it!), but I didn't think you did it in the best manner. That's only my opinion though and if it worked out fine for you, than that's what matters. I also wish you wouldn't smoke so much, but I won't lecture you about that. lol

Overall, you're awesome. ♥

aww. that's sweet that you have found some kind of admiration in me. that makes me super happy!!

haha. every comment here has said something about my smoking habit. i didn't know so many diagreed with it! but oh well though. i'm thankful i did this because it's making me realize how much i need to stop so much more. so thank you.

thank you! and you're awesome too!


March 21 2006, 00:41:36 UTC 12 years ago

well basically, i think you are stupendous.

i enjoy reading your posts and, frankly, love the way you handle situations because you throw your entire self into things and let the chips fall as they may. i think a lot of people would say that this is an unhealthy way to enter into things, but i enjoy that quality in you.

one thing i sometimes worry about with you is the going back and forth on the whole ally issue, simply because i think you deserve to be happy all the time. and when you are happy, that is AWESOME, but when she makes you sad, i want to kill her because you are so pretty when you smile.

ok, ive rambled for far too long here. but honestly, i loaf you anikaaa.
why thank you! i've never been told i was stupendous. :D & that's so interesting that you would say that about me. never in my life would i think that i handle things like that. that actually makes me feel awesome to tell you the truth. haha.

awww. my gosh! I LOVE YOU!!! that was probably the sweetest thing i've ever been told. i'm blushing, haha!

i really want to know who this is!!


March 21 2006, 03:02:10 UTC 12 years ago

You are a wonderful, caring, beautiful girl. You seem to care more about others than yourself, which isn't always good, but it does show that you have a great heart. You are the kind of person that I would love to have as a best friend because you are so fun and full of life. I adore you!
awww. this is probably one of the most sweetest comments, EVER. i really wish i knew who this was. as for caring about myself more than others, DEFINITELY. i give alot more than i usually get but that doesn't stop me at all, obviously. & i probably adore you too, love!!


March 21 2006, 03:08:17 UTC 12 years ago

i...adore you. it surprises me so much, because i realize how extraordinarily different we are. and yet, essentially, i see some of myself in you. i am so proud of the way you handle your sexuality; you are who you are and do not apologise, yet you don't throw it around in everyone's face simply because it's different. you're the prime example of someone who proves that there is nothing "different" about homosexuals. i hope i'm communicating meaning. i just think it's a beautiful thing.

sometimes i think you're slightly naive and, as has been beaten about the head, reckless. my issue with the pot is not that you do it, but that you take it so lightly. it's not so much that i find it offensive, but i don't know that you really realize that there are people on your flist who have spent their lives living under the sway of addictions such as pot. to take it so lightly...it hurts, i guess. mostly because i don't ever want to see you the way i see some people in my life.

you're lovely. so lovely.
aww. tell me who you are, plz!! i don't even have words for the first paragraph you wrote. all i can say is thank you!!

i'm sorry. i don't know any one on my friends list that has had problems/issues with weed. they've never been broughten up and i've never read about them. so i'm terribly sorry that it hurts you.

thank you so much.


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March 21 2006, 03:49:29 UTC 12 years ago

you are an amazing person. you are kind, loving & just an overall great girl. like others, i don't necessarily like the fact that you smoke weed...well not even that you do it..just how often you do it. i wish you would cut out some of it, it would be better for your health in the long run..but that's not my place to judge you.

i also think you are just TOO kind. sometimes you need to stick up for yourself and make absolute decisions for yourself and not go back on those decisions. i guess i'm kind of like you..a bit passive, so i don't really have a place to talk.

but i think you are amazing and in the past year i've come to LOVE to read your entries..they're some of the best i read.
omgosh. i couldn't agree more with you. i've definitely realized that i need to stop smoking so much if at all. it's terrible habit i wish i would have never started to tell you the truth.

you know, i actually hate being this passive. i think it's only killing my happiness in the end. i can never say no and stand up for myself. it's actually quite sad. i'd do anything to change this.

thank youuuu! and i'm SO SO SO glad. ♥


March 21 2006, 04:36:24 UTC 12 years ago

I really wish I were online more so I could get to know you more. You're an amazing person and I know you have so much ahead of you. You deserve the world and more.
awwww. thank you times a million! i wish you wouldn't have posted anonymously. cause chances are i probably want to know you more too. again, thank you. you are far too kind.


March 21 2006, 17:25:59 UTC 12 years ago

I think, honestly, your a very nice girl who cares about other people. I love your entries, they are really niceto read.

Thank you for beeing so nice to all.
well thank you. ♥ that means alot.


March 21 2006, 17:57:09 UTC 12 years ago

i do adore you, and i have to say i read all of your entries, even though they're often long and really personal and i skip most people's entries when they're like that. i love how open you are with stuff I could never really post about on eljay and i'm very happy to be on your flist.

i do worry about how you go back and forth on ally. you deserve to be much happier than she makes you and sometimes i'm not sure you realize that you are completeley worthy of happiness and love.

also, it makes me really sad when you feel badly about your body or beat yourself up over your weight or (worse of all) don't eat. i am proud of you for working out and eating a healthy diet, but i think you need to remember to focus more on being healthy than losing weight and not beat yourself up over eating a normal meal. you're a gorgeous girl, anika.
awww!! this is so sweet. you've made my day. i thank you so much, really.
your posts are like amazing, not boring or anything and this is a great thing, haha. i like your sense of humor, your music taste, and a lot of things that we've got that is equal. i think you're my soulmade and that you gonna be my wife someday, haha.
haha. aww. well thank you so much! all of what you had to say was so kind. ♥


12 years ago

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