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'Friends' cut.

I don't mean to offend or hurt any one's feelings in any way by doing this. We've either grown apart or I really don't know you. I generally like to know WHO I'm letting read my posts and I'm removing who I feel like I haven't connected with. I'm sorry. Perhaps lacking this connection with you is my fault. However, if you wish and want to take another chance of us knowing eachother better, rather than just being livejournal friends who have eachother added, comment here and I just might reconsider. Thank you though, for trusting and allowing me up until this point to read your posts. I genuinely wish you all the best. ♥
Tags: goodbyes
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I completely understand. I thought about asking you to reconsider, but then I realized that my life will only become more hectic these coming months with AP exams, moving, etc and that wouldn't be fair to you at all. You're a sweet, beautiful person and it was awesome to have you on my flist. Best of luck with everything! :)
I hesitated removing you from my flist. I went over your name three times thinking, "Should I? Should I not?" You caring and originally wanting me to reconsider is reason for me to actually reconsider and want to know you more and so I'm add you back! I hope you don't mind. ♥
Of course I don't mind! I'm so glad to be back on your list! :D I'll definitely put in more effort to be a better friend. ♥
And I'll do the same. I promise. :)
I understand why you removed me. I'm incredibly bad about commenting (even though I do read), so of course if you'd let me back in that would be great - but it's totally up to you!
I'm probably going to reconsider just about everyone who I removed because I really do enjoy each of you. I didn't think you read my posts due to your lack of comments but I being hypocritical here because I've done the same; read but not comment. I'm so adding you back, love. :)
Oh thank you so much! I'll try to be better about commenting :)
I read/commented/and tried to become friends/etc, but you just didn't seem interested, so.....!
I'm glad you kept me. ♥
in reply to your post - i just updated! come and see!
i loooove youuuuuuuuu!
i was 100% sure you cut me..
wow. thanks
hey anika! A-L mentioned me about you! I'm julia.. i just
wanted to let you know that i added you :) to myf-list. hope that's ok!
yayyyyy! that's more than okay! ive actually been wanting to add you for awhile i just had a-l do it for me, haha. i'm adding you back right now. :]
Hey babycakes. It's Robyn. I changed my username, so obviously you have to add me, 'cause I lover you.